About us

Agunsa Containers: Unleashing Unmatched Value and Superior Quality for Your Container Needs

AGUNSA was created more than sixty years ago as a shipping agency aimed at providing efficient and reliable port services. Over time, it positioned itself as a leader in the maritime business and agency activities in Chile. Since 1990, it began an internationalization process that positioned it as the most important company in the logistics sector in Latin America, later venturing into the European and Asian markets.

Today AGUNSA has an extensive network of offices in more than 20 countries, including the United States since the year 2000.

Based on  its experience, professionalism and flexibility, AGUNSA responds to the needs of its clients, adapting to their present and future requirements. Its challenge is to develop businesses, crossing borders, air, sea and continental borders, through a comprehensive logistics  platform that is constantly expanding and accelerating, efficiently inserting itself in the most diverse locations and scenarios.

Within this context, the container sales and rental area was born, becoming a benchmark in the mobile solutions industry, delivering practical and efficient proposals for the different transportation, storage, warehousing, and housing needs.

Our commitment as a company is to satisfy the needs of our customers by adapting to their requirements and demands, managing to provide a quality service.